Warranty, defective goods, claim the statutory deadline for returning the goods

1.The customer is obliged to accept the ordered goods (products) from the transportation company or – in the case of personal pick up at the company´s headquarters – from the company. The customer is also obliged to check the integrity of the packaging, quantity of individual items or packages, and to confirm receipt of the goods to the shipper (company). The company has to be notified about any shortcomings or defects immediately at the following address:

GD s.r.o.
Vrahovická 41
79601 Prostějov
or on our e-mail:

2. The customer has the right of replacement of the goods if the goods on delivery (receipt) do not have the usual characteristics of the ordered goods. The warranty for the goods and any claims arising from defective goods are regulated by relevant legislation. For the recognition of a complaint it is necessary that the complaint is accompanied by the product concerned and by proof of purchase. Only apparent defects can be recognized as sensory defects if they are submitted to the company within three days after the receipt of the goods together with the product concerned. For the purposes of this complaint code, any other defects are considered as defects caused on the goods after the delivery and receipt of the goods. For these defects the company is not liable to the customer. Unless stated otherwise, the relations between the company and the customer relating to the defects of the goods are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code (Act No. 40/1964 Coll.) or the Commercial Code (Act. No. 513/1991 Coll.).

3. After delivery of the goods the company is not liable for any damages caused by improper storage or treatment of the products by the customer. Inappropriate treatment also applies to the normal use of the product that does not match the company´s instructions relating to the treatment of the products and their maintenance.

Postup při reklamaci zboží:

  • Complaints must be applied within the specified period.
  • Complaints must meet all requirements (description of deficiency, a copy of the invoice and other required documents).
  • The product(s) has to be sent in a registered parcel to the company´s headquarters. Do not send it via the service „cash on delivery“.
  • If there is an irremovable defect, the company will produce the order again. Upon an agreement with the customer it is also possible to return the price of the order
  • The complaint will be usually handled within the shortest possible time after the delivery of the deficient product(s) to the company´s headquarters, but no later than 30 days.
  • The complaints cannot be recognized due to normal wear and tear caused by use of the product(s).