Quantity discounts


Order a set of jerseys and shorts at a minimum of 15pcs and we will we compromise 10% of the total price! Offer valid for football, handball, basketball and volleyball.

New insights into designs

Nové pohledy na designy

We have now added option see all designs from behind! We hope that this innovation will make our offer easier..

Nové produkty!

Nové produkty

Recently we have prepared products such as professional training shirt or socks. For fans of basketball we've included also mini dresses. We hope that you like our new products.

10% discount on hockey jerseys


By the end of november with pays 10% discount on all hockej jerseys.Feel free to explore our offer.

New Designs!

Nové designy

Now you can choose from new modern designs for your shirts! Designs are updated for all kinds of sports and other news you can look forward soon.

Important - holidays


Between 16 - 20. 7. 2012 will take place in our society companywide holiday. Please take that into account and tell your order in advance.

Stěžery GD Sportswear Cup


Srdečně Vás zveme na 24. ročník mezinárodního futsalového turnaje Stěžery GD Sportswear Cup 2012. Turnaj se uskuteční 13. - 15. 7. v obci Stežery u Hradce Králové. Na turnaji se předtsaví GD Sportswear tým v nových dresech.

GD Sportswear team


Our team hits the first summer football tournament, which will feature in the new jerseys! Come to promote or play on "Krumsínký Hana Cup". 7. 7. The tournament begins in 2012 in the village Krumsín.

Launch of new website


We have launched a new site that will offer greater insight into our products. Still tune some details, so we would like to ask for your patience.