1. What is the best way I can specify the colors?

The best way is to determine the concrete color ​​according to the Pantone color sampler. If you do not have the sampler for real (physically existing form) the color choice will always be only approximate. The Pantone sampler and the designs that can be found on our website are only an approximate as well, because the colors are displayed on a computer monitor that can distort the colors. Each monitor has a different configuration or individual settings.

If you do not have a Pantone sampler available, you can use several options:

  • Upon an agreement we will be happy to send you our basic color sampler, printed directly on the fabric. This allows you to choose exactly the color you need/want.
  • You can send us a sample of the color you are interested in (e.g. on a piece of fabric) and we will determine the color according to it.

If you do not choose any of the above mentioned options, or if you do not specify the colors according to the Pantone sampler in real form, there is a risk, that the resulting color will be different from your idea. For this problem we take no responsibility.


2. Will it increase the price if I want to print more logos, colors, labels, numbers, etc.?

It will not because we use digital printing, where the number of colors, advertisements and other graphic elements is irrelevant pricewise.


3. How should I deliver the materials for making the graphic design?

The best way to send the materials for the graphic design is electronically in the format .cdr (CorelDraw) or in the formats .ai (Adobe Illustrator) .psd and .pdf (Photoshop). If you cannot use any of these formats, you can send the materials in a folder as an image or sketch.


4. What is the minimum amount for my order?

We accept orders in any quantity. When ordering a smaller number of products, however, the price increases according to the current price list which can be found in the download section.

The increased price does not apply if you want us to produce e.g. one piece to an already existing set of jerseys, which was made by us.


5. What is the delivery time?

For the production of an order we reserve 2 to 3 weeks from the binding order confirmation, unless otherwise agreed.


6. How can I pay?

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash on personal pick-up.
  • Cash on delivery to the shipping provider.
  • Payment to the account - goods will be dispatched after receipt of the payment.
  • The invoice - only long-term cooperation.


7. What does the price shown on your pages and price lists include?

The price does NOT include VAT and transportation costs. If you are interested we will be happy to calculate the price which includes the transport and VAT.


8. Can I use my own design and/or cut??

Yes, you can and it is quite common. It is just necessary to provide us with the materials for processing the graphic design or you just can describe your idea verbally and we will create it.

Creating your own cut is only possible upon agreement; and usually we require an additional surcharge, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the cut. Details are to be addressed individually.


9. Can I order e.g. just one jersey to an already existing set of jerseys?

If it is a set made ​​by us, we will make a jersey for the usual price (at no extra charge for minimum quantities) for you.


10. What font can I choose for names and numbers?

You can choose any available font. For inspiration, we recommend fonts listed on our list of fonts, which can be found in the interactive catalog of the design section.


11. What mode of transportation can I choose?

Goods can be picked up in the following ways:

  • Personally, at the company´s headquarters
  • Czech post - the package in your hand (Cash On Delivery)
  • Parcel logistic company – primarily we use the services offered by DPD, unless otherwise agreed
  • Courier service, Czech Railways